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Shift to CU and Get the Best Gas Supplier Prices

Most businesses pay extra just because they do not know how to switch. Make a switch with CU today and let us handle everything for you. With CU you will get:

Quick, Easy, And Efficient

We stand out from rest in the market – our commitment is to offer you a much better quote than what you are getting right now. We aim to offer the best service according to your business gas model so you can save time, money, and energy. Our team of experts offers a compatible option for your business gas model from the best range of gas suppliers in the country. We have been successfully working with some of the biggest tech giants and promising new startups. 

Why You Need Energy Quote for Your Business?

Cutting operational costs is one of the biggest challenges of a business. We help you fight this challenge and help you save 100s of pounds. Most people avoid switching from their current suppliers because they find paperwork and the overall price comparison process hefty. At CU, we offer a quick and easy quote that is much more affordable than your current gas package. To help you avoid paperwork, we offer a hassle-free method that allows you to conduct 3-minute online research to assist you in decision making. By the end of the process, you can select a suitable quote and the rest will be handled by our experts.

CU offers a smarter, more effective way of finding business gas supplier prices.

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We offer you complete freedom of choosing a fixed-price contract or just staying with us contract-free. No matter what you choose you will be saving a lot.

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How CU Offers the Best Procedure?

No long forms

Switching to a new supplier means you need to complete your paperwork. Our team offer a hassle-free process where everything is handled by our experts

We’ll do the comparison for you

Use our website to compare gas prices. You just need your postcode, and our website will help you find the best possible supplier in your location. We use smart data to analyze your business gas details so we can offer you a quote.

We’ll talk you through the quotes

Finally, you can discuss the quote with our experts or ask for an expert opinion. We offer a free consultation so you can choose the best.

Why We Encourage Expert’s Opinion?

We know people want to stay independent while handling their business. However,  switching gas suppliers for business is difficult. You need someone reliable, affordable, and advanced that can help you grow your business. To help you make the right move, our experts will guide you with every step of the process. 

Business Analysis

We believe every business has a unique requirement and there is a way to meet these requirements. We start with analyzing and understanding your business need and then offer you a compatible price that perfectly fits your corporate gas requirements.

Adjusting Prices

We believe your unique gas business requirements need something extra, which is the reason we offer customizable price options that can help you grow your business. We offer the freedom to get the best by choosing a fixed-price contract or just staying contract-free.

Switch to Better Option

Most people find it difficult to manage suppliers, cancel the old contract, and then subscribe to a new contract. We offer a simple solution where you can choose the option and we will handle the process for you.

Why All Our Comparison Is the Best?

Easy Comparison Through Software

We maintain data for comparison and our data is driven from multiple sources. We have a digital renewable service that helps you sort out your contract right away rather than waiting for approval and other information. Once you share the details about your corporate business energy needs, our team of experts offers you not only a comparison but also suitable options via email.

One-Stop Solution

CU believes in convenience-driven solutions which is the reason we are offering a one-stop solution for all your energy needs. We are not just offering your best prices for water, gas, electricity, we are also offering you an affordable solution for phone and broadband.

Contact our experts at  0330 088 5885

Quick and Immediate Results

We Value Your Time and Make Your Switching Process Quick and Easy

We believe most people hesitate to switch just because of the hefty paperwork. However, with our simple-to-follow process, you will get accurate results instantly. You can easily get your quote within just a few seconds.

Your next quote is just a few seconds away

Complete Online System

No Unnecessary Calls and Emails Required

We believe the time is money, so we want to save you the hassle. Our process is 100% online where you can start everything today without calling anyone or visiting our office. Our complete process will take as little as three minutes and by the end of this, you will have your quote ready.

Easy to follow, short and precise method

No Extra Charges

Our Minimum Charges and Transparent Process Makes Us Stand Out

We charge less than most companies and we collect our charges directly from the supplier so we can minimize confusion.

Know more about our fee

24/7 Customer Care

We Have Dedicated Support Team to Help You Anytime You Need

We have a dedicated helpline where our expert team handles all queries. From complex technical issues to budget-related queries we can help you get the best services so you can confidently choose the best option for your corporate gas requirements.

Reach out to us at 0800 860 6833

Opt for Auto Upgrade

Switch to Better and Cheaper Deal

We offer an auto-upgrade option so you can switch automatically to a cheaper deal. Our algorithm continuously searches for a better and cheaper deal according to your business needs and budget. Once our system detects that you can get a better deal with another supplier, we will upgrade your deal instantly.

We don’t believe in sending upgrade emails, instead, we handle it for you

Our Peace of Mind Promise

When you switch all your home services to CU you can get:

Save Money with Compare Utility
24/7 Customer Care for Complete Guidance
One Month Trail Period for enjoying our free subscription service

Frequently Asked Questions

How a tenant can switch gas suppliers?

Tenants usually have very little control over the energy options. However, if you pay the tariff separately and it is not included in your overall utility bills and rent, then you can easily switch on your own. However, it is better to discuss it first with your landlord to avoid any legal issues later.

Is there an exit or switch fee?

In case you have a fixed-rate contract, you might have to pay the exit fee because you have a contract already. However, if there is no contract, you do not have to pay any exit fee.

Why comparing tariffs is important?

In most cases, businesses opt for auto-renewing without comparing. This is a hassle-free method where you do not have to go back and forth with your supplier. However, since there is minimum supervision, you might see an instant hike in prices after each renewal. To help you save money, comparing tariffs is very important

How much can I save with CU?

There is no fixed amount that you can save, instead, there are a few factors that can help you vaguely predict the amount you will save eventually

  • Your business sizes
  • Location of your business outlet
  • Number of employees
  • Overall energy usage

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