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Energy Comparison Experts seeks to simplify how our customers manage their home bills by providing a convenient one-stop shop where they can see all options and make the best possible choice. We aim to make life simpler for customers and allow you to save money on your utilities by comparing gas, electricity, and water bills with other suppliers.

Vision Of Compare Utility

The vision of compare utility is to create an environment that frees from extra worries of life. Our customer-centric approach has helped thousands of businesses in the UK save their time and money. In addition, we believe that using advanced technology is a true savior for your energy needs.

The objective of Compare Utility

As leading energy comparison experts in the UK, our objective is to maintain the legacy of our up-to-the-mark services. In addition, we aim to create a world free from pollution and energy crisis by suggesting our customers use renewable resources.

Compare Utility’s Services

Compare Utility makes it easy to compare electricity, gas, and water suppliers and find the best deal for your budget. We also provide broadband and merchant services to help you grow your business in unbeatable ways. Here is the list of services that Compare Utility is offering:

  1. Electricity comparison
  2. Gas comparison
  3. Water comparison
  4. UK VoIP Provider for Your Home & Business
  5. Merchant services

Electricity Comparison

Electricity Comparison UK

With various energy providers offering different deals, it’s hard to know whom to choose. But with Compare Utility, you can compare energy prices and switch suppliers in minutes.

We ensure a completely reliable and affordable energy solution for your business needs. In addition, we offer unbeatable energy prices for all our customers for an enhanced consumer experience.

Smart Meters

Our smart meters send your energy readings directly to provide you with the best billing experience. This meter also keeps track of your energy habits, which helps us identify the actual reasons for your high-cost bills. In this way, our energy experts suggest you change and bring smart things that will support your future.

Advance Appliances

We have partnered with some of the most advanced appliance suppliers. We encourage our customers to use appliances for their homes and businesses that don’t cost you much. We believe that technology is the best way to survive in this tech world.

Gas Comparison

Gas Comparison UK

Many businesses have no idea about their gas providers and how much extra cost they are paying. We help them know what they pay for and how they can reduce their operational cost. With the help of expert advice and modern techniques, we identify their requirements and give them quotes accordingly.

Advanced Software

We provide online software to help you compare the prices. We also have complete data from different energy providers to help you choose the best gas suppliers for your business.

Convenience-driven Approach

Advanced technology helps you in decision-making with an easy and quick approach using online platforms. For example, you have to enter your business energy details within minutes and get a price comparison in seconds.

Water Comparison

Water Comparison UK

Businesses are growing exponentially, and competition is more than ever before—every decision matters, whether it is about resources or costs. After new reforms for commercial water services, the number of suppliers increased. So, different suppliers offer different prices that can perplex you. But Compare Utility has a solution for you!

Compare Dealers

The first and foremost step to make while deciding on water suppliers is to compare them. We have a list of all suppliers in the UK. So you can take a look at them and choose the one for you.

Swift Procedure

To save the time and energy of our customers, we have a team of experts who can handle everything for them. But, first, you need to tell us the problem, and we are here to fix that.

Merchant Services

We believe that customers are the backbone of any business. Therefore, they help you improve your customer retaining ratio. For that purpose, Compare Utility has come up with easy payment machines and methods helping you in all ways possible.

Face-to-face Payment

Compare Utility offers face-to-face machines to ease your payment methods with the help of secure cards. This is the easiest way to make any payments.

Online Payment

We offer an online payment plan for our customers to give them convenience and comfort in their billing procedures.

UK VoIP Provider for Your Home & Business Services

CU offers a wide range of services, including broadband and VoIP services. With an experience of decades, we provide high-end services and unbeatable price packages. In addition, we have a range of deals specifically designed for businesses of all types. 

Advanced Features

The VoIP services that CU is offering include all advanced features necessary for modern-day communication. As we know, technology has changed the way our businesses communicate. While considering all the requirements and tastes, Our advanced features are as follows:

  • Call recording 
  • Call forwarding
  • Greeting messages
  • Call holding
  • Call reporting
  • Analysis
  • Voicemails
  • Call monitoring

Flexible Prices

We are offering the best price range in the town with many packages and deals. We also provide consultancy for your small businesses to grow. We believe that our customer’s progress is our success. Here are some of the packages that we offer for VoIP:

  • £7.50/   per user for home
  • £9.50/   per user for business
  • £13.50/   per user for office
  • £13.50/   per user for enterprise

How to Switch?

CU has made the switching procedure the easiest for customers. Traditional ways are not valid anymore because of the ever-changing trends. Finding a new supplier and getting services from them is not confined to days now. One can do the whole procedure within minutes. Give all responsibilities to CU and forget about the rest:

  • Subscribe to an online service
  • Get a quote from us
  • Discuss the final agreement

How CU Offers the Best Services?

Our business is built on the principle of putting people first. We strive to make your life easier by delivering personalized energy solutions that fit your needs. CU stands in the crowd due to the services and guidelines they provide.

No Headache of Paperwork

Whenever you think of switching or hiring someone, the first problem you can see ahead is paperwork. CU has eliminated that issue with the help of a team that can handle everything for you.

We’ll Do It For You

Without incorporating a messy procedure for switching, we offer a website where you can make a price comparison by yourself. It will help you study the market and provide insight into the ongoing trends.

Quote Discussion

CU offers a chance to discuss the quote with our experts. We are flexible and ready to negotiate without the involvement of a third party.

Free Consultancy

We believe that a peer’s advice is the best thing you can do while deciding to switch to a new provider. Our experts will help you know your needs and give you awareness about your costs and how you can adjust them most appropriately.