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Save big with CU by availing lifetime saving, best packages and bring serenity in your life. We offer the best customer service with step-by-step guidance. 

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in the current energy crisis, we offer a completely sustainable and reliable service provider that offers affordable services under one roof.

Affordability Is Our Priority

We ensure a completely reliable and affordable energy solution for your business needs. We offer unbeatable energy prices for all our customers for an enhanced consumer experience. 

New, old, or experienced we value all our customers and offer compatible energy prices and guarantee the best customer service. We aim to make affordable energy, accessible for all through our project.

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Enjoy complete control over your budget by choosing a fixed price or staying contract-free. No matter what you choose, you will get great value for your money

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Annual Cost*

** Prices for customers who switch over all their home services – energy. mobile and broadband – to UW.

Remember – you also get £50 off *** when you get your smart meter installed. Other suppliers may not be accepting new customers at this time.

Prices correct as of 01/11/21.

Switch to Green – Become A Responsible Citizen

We believe our future is dependent on the survival of this planet and so we encourage our customers to make eco-friendly choices. We encourage all our customers to use 100% renewable energy so we can all play our part in reducing the carbon footprint. 

We offer a complete understanding of your daily energy utility along with the ways to cut the expense. We believe as a responsible citizen, using renewable energy should be your top priority.

Get Smart Meter- Relish Accurate Reading

Our smart meters send your energy reading directly to us and we offer you a hassle-free billing solution. 

Smart meters also keep track of your energy utility and habits so that you can reduce usage by taking imperative measures. 

We believe smart measures are the future, so we offer smart meters upgrades and installments to all our customers.

Advanced Technology - Best Way to Reduce Bill

We believe technology is the true savior which is the reason we encourage our users to have the best and advanced appliances that can help them save up to 25% energy.  

Why choose CU for energy?

At CU, our customers are our priority. We offer an enhanced customer experience within a limited budget. We do not discriminate against our customers based on their business. We believe a small business with the potential to grow is just the same as any other tech giant in the market. We believe in offering a good opportunity for growth to all. At CU we offer the best option for all our UK- business customers so they can enjoy a level playing field. 

By acquiring our services, you can get all billing details in just one invoice. Apart from this, the more services you receive the more your will be able to save and profit from it.

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We believe in hassle-free, eco-friendly, and user-friendly solutions. On joining our CU family, you will get:

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we have mentioned already, there are thousands of businesses each year in the UK that is overpaying for their utilities. Some do not even know who their supplier is. If you haven’t switched your business energy for quite some time it could be that you are paying an outdated tariff without even knowing so it’s best to use our service to see if you are overpaying.

There are various aspects to consider while looking into renewal or switching your business energy expenditure. It is vital to be aware of the elements that impact your quote. In addition, such awareness will offer you a better understanding of your bill. It will also empower you to make necessary changes. As a result, these changes may decrease the overall cost of your business's energy expenditure.

There will always be fluctuations in the utility market with many external factors affecting supply and plenty of competition in the market. Particularly now as we are seeing a shortage of energy from some suppliers which are forcing them, in turn, to raise their prices. 

No, gas and electricity energy providers don’t offer it together. You must get them from different energy suppliers.

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