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What if I am currently using a smart meter?

Your smart meter will not impact your package. If you are currently using the advanced smart meter, you can use the same and it will be transferred to us with all the current benefits. However, if you have an older version, you might want to switch it to some current versions.

Who is the cheapest energy supplier?

There is no hard and fast rule in finding a cheap energy supplier. It all comes down to the location and energy usage. There is no one company offering the lowest rate, so you need to research according to your location. You can set your requirements and then find a suitable supplier that fulfills all your requirement and still offers you a good payment plan.

Can I choose to be eco-friendly?

As a service, we believe going green is the future. We offer a 100% renewable energy service option for people who choose to go green. These options might be a little expensive than regular suppliers however, you can choose an option that fits your need so you might end up breaking even.

Does switching mean disconnecting my energy supply for a few days?

The whole process of switching to a better deal means you are seeking convenience so, switching doesn’t mean switching off. Your energy supplier will change but there will not be disconnected from electricity supply. The only difference will be payment, which will be less stressful by using “compare utility”.

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