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Some of the suppliers are unknown, what do I do?

Compare utility has some of the best and licensed suppliers on board. The licenses possessed by these suppliers are offered by merchants’ acquirers who are banks and big corporates appointed for reselling. All our suppliers are also licensed by master card and visa international which makes them much more credible.

After selecting my supplier, am I committed right away?

For committing to your supplier, you need to sign a contract or fill a form. However, right after selecting a suitable supplier, you are not committed, and you can still change your decision.

What documents do I need for filling up the form?

The process of form filling is simple; you do not need to do anything extra, however, with your application form, you might need to attach some proofs. You need a document to prove you own a business bank account, you also need the ID of the business owner and address for billing. Sometimes you might even need a previous card processing statement however, this is not mandatory and vary according to the situation.

After selecting my supplier, what is the next phase?

After you select your supplier, move to the home page and you will reach an application form. Just fill the form and your supplier will complete the whole process. Your selected supplier will contact you within 24 hours or you can also select a time slot for your supplier according to your convenience.

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