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Is there a difference between water and sewage charges?

Within your water bill, you will have two different parts. You will have a freshwater bill, that you use for your daily chores. The second part is the sewage charges that mainly consist of a water system that is treated for the wastewater dumping. It is known as the greywater charges as well. Both these charges collectively make your water bill.

How can I reduce my water usage to reduce the water bill?

Water bill never stays constant, it depends on the supplier and the location of your business. It might not be the same as switching your gas or electricity. Since you have an automatic advanced meter that calculates the water usage, you will be able to keep track. Some people save by switching their water meter; however, you can track your water usage by reading your meter consistently. After a few readings, you will be able to predict your water usage.

Can I stop saying the surface water drainage charges?

Surface water drainage charges are added to your bill so almost everyone pays for it. However, if you have a suitable way to prove that water from your property drains easily into a public sewer or has a soak away, you do not have to pay for it. You can simply contact your water supplier or apply for a refund right away.

How do UK water suppliers charge for the water supply?

There are two main ways to pay for the water supply. The first method is fixed payment method that you set with your supplier. No matter you use more or do not use water at all, you will have to pay for it according to rateables value. The second option is to choose a metered system that requires you to pay for what you have used only. You can consult our experts to know which method will be ideal for you.

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