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    Why Switch Your Business Water Supplier?

    After the 2017 business water deregulation reforms, companies are saving a lot by choosing the best water supplier to meet their commercial needs. However, the commercial water business has changed now. Companies are becoming more competitive, and it is getting more challenging for small and medium businesses to make a decision that suits their budget. To find an affordable water supplier offering the best services, you need a way to compare all the suppliers. At CU, we offer you an easy comparison of all suppliers so you can make an educated decision. With the help of our services, you will be able to secure the best commercial water contract through market insight, current rates, and suppliers’ offers. Considering all the basic features, we recommend you something that will fit your business model so you can easily save a lot.

    How to Switch To CU?

    We offer a quick, swift, and easy switching process.

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    Fill up form and compare from a wide variety of commercial water suppliers offering competitive deals. Click here for a price quote

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    Our switching process is easier, and our suppliers offer the best prices so you can easily select the one you want.

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    We believe in saving time and offering the best services. Once you decide to switch everything ease will be handled by our team. Click here for process details.

    Why Choose CU for Your Corporate Water Supply Requirements?

    We offer an easy, hassle-free, and simple method that will help you save time and money.

    We guarantee to offer you the best price so you can minimize your operational cost. We believe every business has unique requirements which is the reason we provide service-based specifications to offer you a clear picture of the commercial water market. Our satisfied customers consist of successful businesses from all over the UK, so your business can get the best.

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    We offer a comparison according to your business requirement based on the top commercial water suppliers in the market.

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    We offer the best service at an unbeatable price and our long list of satisfied customers is here to vouch for us.

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    We offer a hassle-free, swift, and easy paperwork method. For all the queries regarding the switch, you can reach out to our customer representative as well.

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    We have a dedicated helpline for all your queries. You can fill-up the form and book an appointment or just send us your queries and our expert representative will get back to you. You can ask about technical issues or just ask for guidance regarding process comparison. For details, call us now.

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      Why More Businesses Are Switching their Corporate Water Suppliers?

      Most businesses seek a reliable option, only to find out that they are being overcharged. Apart from the bad customer service, technical issues, and changes in the business model that help their growth is also a big reason. Most business when grow needs a partner that compliments their scalability. However, most corporate suppliers only make it hard for the company, so businesses end up switching to a better, affordable, and reliable option.

      We believe your business deserves the best, so your business reaches its full potential. Delaying your update might cost you more, so switch today with CU. 

      Why CU Should Be Your First Choice When You Want to Switch Your Water Supplier?

      At CU we offer a transparent system to help you compare the deals offered by the best corporate water suppliers. We not only offer a comparison but also help you find the best possible alternative according to your business needs. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy with CU include:

      • Lowest corporate water rates for your business
      • Customized water solution according to your business needs
      • offering solutions to help you save money, time, and water
      • offering the best value of money

      How do We work?

      We look at the working of your business. This helps us to understand the business model and know if your company is business-based or domestic.

      We then look at your water supplier, waterboard, and their location.

      Finally, we help you switch to the best possible alternative that can help you save money. Our experts handle the research, deals, and switching so you do not have to.

      How CU Helps You Save Money Through Tracking Your Water Habits?

      Commercially, water is used by people in offices or for industries. Sometimes saving water is easier but in other instances it becomes inevitable. CU conducts a detailed water audit to understand the water habits of your company through the history of water usage and then formulate a simple method to help you cut down the water usage and cost. We aim to help you cut down your water spending so you can eventually cut the operational cost of your business as well.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Within your water bill, you will have two different parts. You will have a freshwater bill, that you use for your daily chores. The second part is the sewage charges that mainly consist of a water system that is treated for the wastewater dumping. It is known as the greywater charges as well. Both these charges collectively make your water bill.

      Water bill never stays constant, it depends on the supplier and the location of your business. It might not be the same as switching your gas or electricity. Since you have an automatic advanced meter that calculates the water usage, you will be able to keep track. Some people save by switching their water meter; however, you can track your water usage by reading your meter consistently. After a few readings, you will be able to predict your water usage.

      Surface water drainage charges are added to your bill so almost everyone pays for it. However, if you have a suitable way to prove that water from your property drains easily into a public sewer or has a soak away, you do not have to pay for it. You can simply contact your water supplier or apply for a refund right away.

      There are two main ways to pay for the water supply. The first method is fixed payment method that you set with your supplier. No matter you use more or do not use water at all, you will have to pay for it according to rateables value. The second option is to choose a metered system that requires you to pay for what you have used only. You can consult our experts to know which method will be ideal for you.